We at Claremont Congregational Church are excited when someone decides to join us, for it means that God, through His Holy Spirit, is still using us to extend His kingdom here upon earth. This is why we take membership seriously. When a person joins the Church they become part of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ (Eph. 4: 15 -16), and they commit themselves to be part of Gods plan to change His world for the better. It is also essential that we, the members of the body of Christ, work together to bring honour to Him.

Membership of a Congregational church is on profession of personal faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord.

People are admitted into membership by one of the following:

1. Baptism

The sacrament of Baptism is conducted at a normal service of worship. There are two forms of Baptism -

  • Infant Baptism:
    Infant Baptism take place by the request of the parents. As our present minister, the Rev. Geoff Jamieson, is an ordained minister within the United Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, which has as itís policy that children may be baptised only where one or both patents are members of a church, that rule applies here at Claremont. The child is then received into the fellowship of the Church to be nurtured in the faith until the child is eligible for Confirmation.
  • Adult Baptism:
    Baptism is conducted on the request of the person concerned and at the discretion of the minister.

2. Confirmation

The candidate has to attend instruction on the disciplines of the faith, and is then received into membership at a service of worship where the sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated.

3. Transfer Certificates

A person will be received into full membership on receipt of a Transfer Certificate from the Church where they previously held membership, and acceptance by the congregation at a Church Meeting.

4. Profession of Faith

This means that a person who has already been Baptised, and was at one time a member of a Church, may be received into membership after consultation with the minister and acceptance by the congregation at a Church Meeting.